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The year was 2007, there was a huge increase in the usage of the internet, people were accepting the growth of the internet in a positive way, the world was witnessing a complete transformation which was prominently visible with an increase in terms of sheer volumes of internet based products and services.

Then there was Blogging, it had started long back but people were increasingly adopting it as an online diary of their thoughts and collections.
It just fascinated the many users of the internet that even in India bloggers like Amit Agarwal of labnol and digital inspiration were doing it as a full time profession!

I too got bitten by the “Blogging Bug” and started to Blog just to earn money without having the patience and stopped when I failed to earn any but now realising that its more of a stress buster rather than a way to earn I am back to learn and blog just for the sheer love of it.

Things have changed, I have returned and have returned for good.


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