The Many Facets of a Woman – Gillette Venus #UseYourAnd

It was a wonderful evening and I was sitting with my beloved and a few friends when the question came up from one of my best mates,”Hey, can anyone tell me what is a perfect woman like?”

It was a simple yet intriguing question and I was surprised that a male came up with the answer which was true and yet shattered the one-dimensional outlook males have towards women.

“The perfect woman is a Loving daughter to her parents, a caring mom to her children, a wonderful cook in the kitchen and a crazy lover to her husband in the bedroom”

If I have to think about it, the girl I loved was all and even more than what is described above, she was perfect, the perfect one for me!

She loved and looked after her parents, was caring and an exceptional lover & apart from the work, she was an entrepreneur too which very few individuals have the capability to accomplish.

Imagine an individual looking after the household chores and then going to work and then later in the day taking up individual assignments to fulfill her ambition of working for herself and setting up her own beauty business. It really takes a lot of effort, commitment and energy to do so many things and I am sure many of us feel exhausted after a days work at the office.

Me and the girl might not be together any more due to countless other reasons but this indomitable spirit of hers served as an inspiration to me while writing this post when I saw this activity.

It’s not only her but there are so many women out there who are a daughter & a wife & a mother & a professional & what not, yet a few individuals with their narrow-minded and orthodox thought processes tend to categorise and give women one dimensional labels.

We need to understand the powerful word of “And” to encourage, inspire and help the women across the world to be more than what they currently are and tell them its time to take a stand & #UseYourAnd.

“This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.

P.S: I cannot post her picture due to privacy reasons.


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