Now is the time to do it, #SecondChance – Maxlife

On a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon, I was sitting with my laptop coming up with new schemes and idea’s to get rich quick, when my brother came in running.

I sighed, “Now what have you done chhote?”

He gave me a puzzled expression and said, “What bhai, does it always have to be me?”

“ It always is about you my dear brother, just two days ago you had fought with your classmate and I had to pacify the teacher and his family”, I said with a smile.

“Bhai, this time it’s you!”, he said grinning.

I couldn’t fathom what had I done now, on seeing the confused expression on my face, he started laughing and said,
“Bhai, we just got a call from a company where you play online contests and they say you have WON A MILLION DOLLARS IN A CONTEST!!!!!”, he shouted.

I had always faced flak from my parents for being a part of such contests and being hooked up online always and hence I thought my brother was playing a prank on me.

I just ignored him but at the back of mind just went ahead and checked my email, to my delightful surprise, I had indeed WON A MILLION DOLLARS !!!

“WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!”, I exclaimed jumping up and down frantically, hugging my brother.

I rushed to the living room and found my family already beaming at me with wide smiles.

“CONGRATULATIONS!!!!” exclaimed everyone. I too couldn’t hide my excitement and thanked everyone while waiting for a barrage of questions from my family.

“Is it true?”

“What contest was it”

“How much is it in Indian Rupees?”

“When will you receive it?”

“What are the things that you will do with the money?”

These were some of the questions which I faced all at the same time but the last one caught my attention, now that I was a millionaire, what would I want to do now?

I started day dreaming, there were at least 3 things at the top of my mind which I had always wanted to do and had been postponing them for quite some time now.

World Tour
  • The first thing that I had always wanted to do was to go out with my family for a vacation as I had been slogging out to save some money for it, but now I could go on an amazing world tour, see wonderful places, fulfill my wish of seeing different places, cultures and people as they had always fascinated me.
    It would give me that much needed boost to my tired body which had needed a vacation badly along with some quality time with my loved ones.

  • Then I came to my second love, music, I had always wanted to learn music, become a professional musician but had been always delaying it due to lack of time and money, now that I had both it was a perfect opportunity for me to explore my love for music

  • Last but not the least, after splurging on all the above, It was time for me to make some sensible decisions as there’s a saying I had heard about money from my mom, “Easy come, Easy go”, the money which comes easily also goes away easily, so it was highly imperative that I take some good financial decisions regarding the money and invest them in property and fixed deposits.I also needed to secure my family’s future in case I am not around, a good insurance policy and a mediclaim for each of my members would ensure that the money is invested wisely and would give good returns as I would not know how protected an secure they would be because I know life only gives a single chance and no #SecondChance.

As I stood pondering over lost in my own thoughts, dad, mom and my siblings surrounded me staring at my face what was wrong with me. I heard a few comments in a faint voice.

“ What has happened to him?”

“ He seems lost in his thoughts”

“ Is he alright?”

“Is he in shock?”

“ No not in shock, he is smiling but he looks dazed”

Someone started shaking me while speaking in a high pitched tone, “Hello, Get up, it’s time to wake up”

I came out of my stupor only to realize it was Monday morning and I had been dreaming all this while.

I got out of my bed and headed towards the bathroom wondering whether the dream would come true some day.

“This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”


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