He has a #WillofSteel

People do not Lack Strength; They Lack the Will

                                                                – Victor Hugo

He lived in a Tiny Village with no provision for roads, schools, transport, electricity or even a matchbox to purchase. He loved school & had to walk 10 km every day to go to school which was a pretty lonely experience for anyone.

He thought , “These children will not walk 10 km to school if it’s a lonesome experience, it would be wonderful & fun if these children could come along with me to school”

The children could not afford to pay the school fees which was Rs.5 in those days , he got them clothes & books.

He did all this for himself then as he only wanted one thing, children to come along with him to school.

Who would think of working on their full time job, getting the salary & donating EVERY PENNY of it during his 35-year-long career & then do odd jobs for yourself to earn a living? Would You? No right? But he DID.

Even the world’s biggest philanthropists wouldn’t live a life like this. He lives like this.

He says, he was inspired by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech during the Indo-China war which made him go to the then Chief minister Kamaraj & gave him his gold chain as a contribution to the defense fund, probably the first student to do so.

Indo China War
The Indo China War

His WILL to serve humanity has been his guiding principle throughout his life,

His work for humanity earned him many awards & accolades including money worth Rs.30 Crores which he again donated!

After his retirement, he received a pension of Rs.10 Lakhs, which he donated again.

You might wonder why he did all this, was it for fame, recognition, awards, money ? No, it was just for his love of humanity and the inspiration he had received from his mother to serve the poor & the needy.

It was this inspiration which made him sleep on pavements & platforms to understand how a poor person feels, it was this inspiration which made him work in hotels as a waiter after his regular job to earn a living for himself.

Such purity, such determination & such a fire within oneself to help someone else & even total strangers is a rarity in today’s world.

Underprivileged & the poor are an integral part of his life even today at 75 years and this determination & acts of kindness has won him many awards like “Noblest in the world” by  The International Biographical Centre, Cambridge.

The United Nations adjudged him as one of the “Outstanding” people of the 20th Century,  The rotary club conferred upon him the “Man of the Millenium” award in 2011, even in his profession as a Librarian at Kumarkurupara Arts College he was awarded as “The Best Librarian in India” by the Union Government of India & many more awards.

He would give the “Man of Steel” – The Superman ; a run for his money, when it would come to having a Will of Steel.

He is thin, he is frail, he is emaciated but he has given a new definition to charity & dedicated his life to the poor, he is Mr.Kalyanasundaram.

Mr. Kalyanasundaram
Mr. Kalyanasundaram

You can contact his organisation “Paalam” at 044-24402524 to help him in his quest for a better world.

Watch the first part of a documentary made on him here

I’m voting for Kalyanasundaram’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


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