A Day in a “Nose’s” Life



I am always under the eyes, they say I can run but I am never able to walk. Do you know who am I?

Think, think…. Ok.. alright, don’t worry, I will tell you, I am the NOSE!

I will tell you how is my typical day, every single day. I am usually always active be it day or night except when someone wants to keep me covered so that they don’t have to deal with bad ODOUR, but that’s another story.

Me staying awake always has pros and cons too during the night, if you know what I mean 😉 so lets start with a normal day. The morning brings a variety of odour’s right from the soothing incense sticks offered during prayers to the one of its kind and a variety of smells in the washroom :p

I smell the sweet aroma of the breakfast and lunch being cooked in the kitchen but I also get to experience the bad breath of people early morning at times.

The house stinks in the mornings from being closed in the night prompting the hands to open the windows to let the fresh air in and give me respite from the suffocating smell. The pets and small kids too contribute to my irritation when they urinate or excrete inside which leaves a stench inside and a lingering smell.

puddle splash

I am troubled the most during the amazingly soothing rainy seasons. The stench from the wet clothes, wet mats even the umbrella’s at times makes the already humid atmosphere smell like rubbish instead of making the environment more pleasant & if the clothes are muddy then its seems that we are at war and have to fight a battle with weapons like a sweet smelling detergent powder, soap etc to win over the emanating smell from the stinky clothes.

Odor Wet Clothes

Evening arrives and with it arrives the smell of SOCKS! The deadliest of all odours, unless you wash them with a detergent , the whole house simply STINKS! The stench from the garbage bins add to the dreary atmosphere which is created in the house if no action is taken.


That’s not all, I recall an incident when a few people had come for a party and I remember they were twitching their respective noses and frowning which left the owners of the house and me all red faced with a feeling of embarrassment just due to the smell.

Garbage Bin

The pains people take to just pacify me is astounding, it makes me feel like I am the king of the world, where people try and appease me by trying to eliminate the smell so that I can breathe and exist in peace. Do you do it too?

If Yes,Why don’t you tell me what smells bother you and the efforts you take to please your king … uh..oh …I mean your NOSES 🙂


Authors Note: “I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur


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