Gods Own Children!


“Ah, My Loved ones are coming back to me!”, God Exclaimed!

All the inhabitants of Heaven looked puzzled, they began to wonder, is God turning Senile? Probably the countless years of his age is catching up with him. But God just kept beaming ignoring the expressions around him.

After a brief pause, God looked around to see everyone staring at him open mouthed, he realised the confusion & repeated once again, “My Loved ones are coming back to me, All of them!”

The inhabitants of Heaven were still confused, God Smiled & said, ” My Most loved creation Man has begun to change things the way he wants, I made him intelligent, so that he could look after his fellow living beings but except for a handful nobody cares to understand the language of these beautiful creatures”

God and His Loved Ones
God and His Loved Ones

“But, even though I love all of them equally, man will have to pay for his sins sooner or later, let my loved ones come back to me just like the Wooly Mammoth, The Sabre toothed Cat, The Dodo & many more came back to me, I will take care of them”, He continued somberly.

The Mammoths, Sabre Toothed Cat & the Dodo’s nodded & smiled , they were indeed better off in heaven than on Earth in the company of Man because man would probably destroy himself and would also be “Extinct” sooner or later, they themselves had realised it but did not want to accept it.

God and his Angels

God then asked one of his angels, “Tell me, who would you want to Save from this list and let them walk on the face of Earth for a few more years so that man would realise his folly & probably start taking care of the others as well”

The Angel looked puzzled & after a brief pause replied, “O creator, father of all, I would want all of them to walk on the lush green fields on Earth free without any fear but I will choose 3 species whom I want to save.”

God looked at him & nodded to continue.

The Angel bowed & began, “O Lord, I would first Save the “Indian Wild Ass” as according to a Human Organisation called as “IUCN” which works for animals on Earth, it is listed as “Endangered” & is now limited to the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, India. They  probably went extinct in Baluchistan and the extreme south of Pakistan, on the Indian border, during the 1960s.

Indian Wild Ass
Indian Wild Ass

They are faced with a lot of threats like Encroachment of land, Loss of Habitat and hunting where some humans like to have their meat. I also love them for their extremely social nature & are known to survive on very little without asking for too much. Who would not like to save these animals, O Lord”

“The next one is the Gharial, which is even more Endangered than the Wild Ass & is listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ by IUCN , Their population is rapidly declining due to over-hunting for skins and trophies, egg collection for consumption, killing for medicine and being killed by Fishermen, that’s not all their habitats are being destroyed due to construction of dam’s and other man made structures further making an impact on their population.”

Indian Ghariyal
Indian Ghariyal

The Angel paused & looked around everyone was looking at him with rapt attention so he once again continued, ” And the last one is my beloved Indian Rhino, a big creature which looks fierce but doesn’t do anything unless provoked. Even though it’s listed as ‘Vulnerable‘ by IUCN. It is still my priority due to the demand which its horn has in the Human Ivory Market.

They were nearing extinction in the early 1900s due to their habitat being converted to farm lands which resulted in human animal conflicts and proving to be accessible for hunters, but again poaching is not the only concern, it’s majorly now because of Habitat loss as some humans are becoming increasingly aware and preventing  poaching but a lot still needs to be done”

Indian Rhino
Indian Rhino

The Angel stopped and everyone looked up at God.

God was smiling & said ,” You are a noble soul and I am sure the humans will understand these things too, if not the doors of heaven would always be open for my creations & if the world falls apart due to mans deeds, he will come knocking and I wouldn’t be too forgiving.”

Authors Note: ” I am participating in the Save the Species contest for the book “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” in association with Saevus Wildlife India,  read the reviews for the book ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ here “


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