Home, Colours & More………!

I sat with my family to discuss what would be the new look and feel of our new house. Things looked pretty confusing as we came up with a lot of ideas, ranging from bollywood, retro, colonial to even themes like haunted! Its pretty amazing the way you think when you want things to get creative.

When one of us suggested a theme, the others would turn it down, there was no consensus on the type of makeover we wanted to give our house and with the types of themes we were coming up, we wanted to tread the route cautiously, Imagine coming back everyday from work to a house which was painted like a haunted mansion! Scary, Isn’t it?

But then, the some one said “Nature”!

Brilliant! Isn’t it?

Tell me of a person who wouldn’t want to enjoy the serenity of Mother Nature, live and flourish the old fashioned way without a hint of pollution in the air, which we are so accustomed to these days. Just the feeling of Nature refreshes the mind, body & soul. I wouldn’t be able to sum it up as beautifully as Mr.Anthony Douglas Williams did in his quote.

Take a Quiet walk with Mother Nature, It will nurture your mind, body & Soul.

                                                                                   – Anthony Douglas Williams

So, we finally zeroed upon the theme as Nature and started designing the house right from the furniture to the minutest of things like where to put up the key hanger on the wall. It was a wonderful process because

  1. We were designing the house that we wanted to live in and enjoy
  2. We had a lot of options because the Theme “Nature” just like mother nature gave us abundant choices.


The first and the foremost thing was to choose the colours of the house because that would eventually decide the look & feel of the house & as they say colour speak a lot about you and your personality. While looking out for colours we stumbled upon this site “Bed Bath & More”

They have got this wonderful tool called as the Paint Finder which is a perfect tool to visualise your house using the colours which you want, it helps you choose the perfect shade and event highlights the brand & the code of the shade which that colour is, whats more you get it as cheap Rs.100 only for the shade card!

What more can you ask for?

FireShot Capture 8 - Smart Paint Finder Tool for your Home I B_ - http___www.bedbathmore.com_paints_

So we started with the little one’s home, it had to be vibrant & beautiful just like the bounty of fruits which are available, like the red apple, cherry, banana’s etc, so we zeroed on the kids bedroom on a vibrant red colour & instantly its details came up with the following code:


Nerolac Garden Glory

We added it to the cart & started looking for another room of ours, the kitchen & dining room which is hugely open space and has a modular kitchen with an elegant white coloured furniture there, the sky blue colour would give a perfect complimentary touch to the room which would make the room feel light & buoyant.

So on choosing the colour, the following code came up with the brand name, colour name & the code of the colour:


FireShot Capture 3 - Smart Paint Finder Tool for your Home I B_ - http___www.bedbathmore.com_paints_

Next we moved on the bathroom which had a hint of white & grey in the form of items already installed there, it was bit tricky so we experimented a bit & came up with this beautiful shade of olive green from berger paints.

It blended perfectly with the surroundings


The last room which wanted to redo was  the bedroom, one of the most important rooms where you just go to relax and start your day with, we again turned to Mother Nature & boy, she didn’t disappoint.

Just as the sun rises and sets bringing with it a hue of red & yellow, we chose a shade of orange, refreshing just like Orange Juice! It was again a shade of orange from Berger called as Pumpkin Patch, creative names these people have given for the colours, Haven’t they?


Finally, content with the choices we had made, we started to look at what would be the cost depending on the size of our house and Bed, Bath & More had a solution for it too, THE PAINT CALCULATOR!

Paint Calculator

You enter the type of product you want, the area in Sq.ft, Number of Doors and Windows in the house & VOILA! You get the total cost.

Wait wait, there’s more, the next part in designing was finding the people who would paint and design the house as we have envisioned, the website gave the option to find the dealers in your city too!


Need I say more, its was the one stop solution for all my needs which I would require while painting my house & give it the touch of Nature!

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More


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