5 Outrageous Things I Did During an Internship

Outrageous things in an Internship

It was the 1st day of my internship at a well known dairy company in the world, “Summer Had Come” (Game of thrones anyone 😛 ) and I was excited for the new job ummm sorry internship opportunity I had got.

I looked all smug just wondering about all the losers (read batch mates) who had got into small companies for their internship during the summers. Little did I know that the smug face was about to be wiped away in a jiffy.

Nevertheless I “almost” looked liked Charlie Sheen in the below photo 😉 feeling all confident and arrogant.

Charlie Sheen
1st Day as an Intern


“Guys form a straight line and follow me” yelled an executive from the company. We were taken in a small room called the “Huddle Room” where everyone was huddled up (duh!) around a minuscule desk.

The executive pulled out a huge stash of oddly stacked packages from beneath the table and landed it on the table with a loud “THUD!”

“Each one of you take 2 packages”, said the executive. There were 10 of us in the room and we all took 2 packages and inquisitively began to stare at it. That was our first task.

Not staring, but opening the packages only to discover a large number of small sized posters of the recently launched product of the company.

Before any of us could raise a question, the executive told us a list of things which we had to do and the first one was to roam on the streets and start sticking the posters on walls, shops, poles or any blank space that we could find.

This made me wonder at the questions that I was asked in my internship interview like theories, strategies, processes etc and here we were sticking posters, huh! The below image aptly describes my thoughts about the interview and the actual work.

Internship Interview
Internship Interview


Days passed doing the same work, menial jobs and frustration started to creep in. That’s when I decided to take things in my own hands – quite literally as I regretted my decision to join the company as an intern.

So here are a few things which I did at the company and do not regret it. 😛



  1. Questioning My Boss Irritatingly

    After a frustratingly large number of mediocre tasks I decided to irritate my boss (*Devil smile*), I began asking him a hell lot of questions about anything and everything in the organisation which used to irritate him to the core and there came a point when he began to check if I wasn’t around else he would be bombarded with questions.
    Psst….. he used to get even more agitated when I used to ask about his job description to which his answer was always mentioned in the gif below 😛

    Boss Question

  2. Get into Other Departments & Ask Unrelated Questions

    Early morning after reaching office, I used to casually stroll into other departments before the full time employees used to come in, I used to question them about affairs in the office, spicy gossip and the worst bit, if anyone was late ensuring that they are looking at me I used to glance at my watch and give them a creepy smile which always made them look away.

    Creepy Smile
    Creepy Smile


  3. Print a Humongous Number of Copies for Reports for Interns & Friends

    One of the worst things I was given was to take out print outs of all the worthless reports that we had to prepare (*and the boss wanted it on his table on time), printouts for the full time employees etc.

    Internship report
    I made the most of this opportunity and started calling up all my friends who wanted to take printouts of their respective reports and started printing all of them at a feverish rate. At the end the number of reports I had printed for friends had used a huge number of the office stationary (paper and ink) and had made me richer by approximately Rs. 1500 😛

  4. Give Away Free Samples of the New Product to the Customers

    A part of the job which to an extent was interesting was to sit in the company’s retail partners outlets and find out problems faced by customers (which was a part of our worthless reports above).

    So we had this huge stock at our disposal of the newly launched product which we could give out to customers in “small numbers” for sampling, but instead of “small numbers” we gave away the complete product to the customers which further irked our boss because the stocks had to be replenished.

    The next day we were shifted back to the office. 😀

  5. Report to Work “almost” drunk

    This was one of the cleverest things I did because as they say it makes you look spirited, luckily I never used to drink too much but enough to shed my inhibitions and help me in doing all the above mentioned things at work.
    Precaution needs to be taken here as its highly not recommended because if you are caught you will end up getting fired which can seriously impact your career

    Drunk Intern

Believe it or not I had some amazing moments during my internship, if you too have some fantastic instances to share, do share it with me in the comments section. Ciao!

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”


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