The Local Train #MaxfreshMove!

He alights down from the 8:30 pm local train in Mumbai everyday, he looks tired and forlorn at the end of a hectic day. He carries his laptop bag & like a graceful dancer moves through the crowd, his regular practice of travelling in the local trains over the past few years has made him … Continue reading The Local Train #MaxfreshMove!


Capturing Wildlife Moments in India – Book Review

Mr.Ashok Mahindra, a wildlife enthusiast and a photographer , authored a coffee tabled book titled “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” I had the privileged to read the book before it hit the stands, I was all excited to get a copy of the book as the excitement was due to the fact that I have … Continue reading Capturing Wildlife Moments in India – Book Review

Things that Matter

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" , one of my most beloved characters, the adorable "Winnie the Pooh", said this in a contemplative mood. But what he said was definitely worth pondering over, take for example a situation arises when your loved one is in the hospital, is it the money … Continue reading Things that Matter

A Heartfelt Diwali Deal

A Heartfelt Diwali Deal

" Apne liye toh sabhi karte hai, lekin kabhi dusro ke liye kuch karke dekho, bahot khushi milti hai", Everyone does things for themselves but try doing something for someone else, it will make you really feel happy. Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Bollywood mouthed these dialogues in his ever green movie "Bawarchi" You might be … Continue reading A Heartfelt Diwali Deal

Improve oral health and whiten your teeth

Ever been the butt of jokes of people for having yellow teeth or embarrassed by people due to bad oral health? Fret not, here's a post which will help you overcome it. The amount of food that we consume on a daily basis plays a vital role in "colouring" our teeth from the usual white … Continue reading Improve oral health and whiten your teeth

What defines a woman? – Gillette #UseYourAnd

*Slap* *Slap* the sound echoed across the street like the crack of a whip, it was 6:30 in the evening, I was just returning back from my college when I heard it and saw a small crowd on the other side of the street. Being naturally curious, I crossed the street and tried to get a … Continue reading What defines a woman? – Gillette #UseYourAnd